Our speciality is in providing engineering advice to owners and managers of commercial, residential and industrial assets.


We can inspect, report on possible causes, and offer remedial advice to resolve all problems which may arise including cracking, corrosion, drainage issues, leaks, structural concerns and maintenance issues. Following forensic diagnosis, we can then proceed through to the development of a remedial works design, scope of works, provision of technical specifications, letting of tenders and subsequent award and administration of contracts; the extent of our services is completely up to the client’s needs and budget.

We can also take on the full management of these assets and/or supervision on behalf of our clients.

We also offer structural & civil design and certification services to a broad range of clients/projects including:

  • Civic and government entities involved in the management of public assets, buildings and facilities

  • Shopping centre capital works and operational/maintenance works

  • Residential, commercial & industrial builders, architects and building designers

  • Infrastructure assets including roads, carparks and bridges

  • Mining industry including material handling plants

  • Marine facilities and industrial ports

  • Ancillary structures such as shade sails, advertising & estate signage

  • Civil and retaining wall contractors


Bridge & Marine




Structural Assessments

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Civil & Drainage


Industrial Assets



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Temporary Works

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Condition Surveys